Hello to the whole RC Motorsport Europe Family on behalf of EFRA!

Today we are proud to unveil the first step in EFRA’s Development Plan: Our new logo and the adoption of RC Motorsport Europe as our title, mandate and statement of intent to do more than ever before to spread the word and create modern routes into this hobby and sport we all love.

For us, this step is about more than just a new modernised logo, its about publicly committing to our mission to develop, grow and reinvigorate. 

EFRA's role is to promote RC as a motorsport to the world and with this clear objective we intend to set the tone for a new era in RC. One where the people inside of RC have clear signposts to point their friends to, one that says EFRA, as the governing body of RC Motorsport in Europe - means business

But as we unveil the new brand, it's important that we appreciate every organiser, racer, referee, official, federation, associate member and club who have given their time. The fact is that EFRA is the formation of millions of hours of volunteers giving of their time and services. EFRA is a rich tapestry and is the foundation that so much sporting history has been built and it's important to say that this should never change.

We take a moment to appreciate our heritage and unveil the next step here. But as we do I want to say thank you to all of our members, EFRA and RC Motorsport Europe belong to you.

Javier Garcia
EFRA President

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